Kimtech™ for Laboratories


In an laboratory & research environment, it is critical to choose the right equipment to protect users and processes. Kimtech™ offers a wide range of disposable protective lab gloves and apparel designed to fit your needs while maximising contamination control and ensuring applications can run safely and efficiently while the researchers are fully protected. Our solutions allow scientists to focus on the most important aspects of their work, supporting compliance and corporate sustainability goals. We are proud that our Kimtech™ Laboratory and Research products support Scientists all around the world in their research and efforts in developing life-saving drugs, finding innovative solutions to improve lives and fighting global pandemics.

Our Kimtech™ lab gloves offer different levels of protection against chemical splashes across a broad range of chemical agents that researchers encounter in their working environment. Kimtech™ gloves keep hands comfortable while ensuring a high level of protection and contamination control in challenging life sciences and pharmaceutical manufacturing environments.
- Manufactured to reduce levels of residuals(1)
- Certificates of Analysis available for each production lot(1)
- Non detectable levels of silicone and amide
- Online chemical permeation data on all our glove range
- Customer advice from our expert sales team to help you find the right glove

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