Resolve to recycle the right way

Introducing the RightCycle* Program

Your company needs an effective solution to reach Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability goals. At Kimtech™ we've resolved the recycling process; moving beyond basic downcycling and upcycling to instead help you choose the right way to recycle. Now all of the garments and gloves used in your facility can be easily turned into a variety of useful and eco-friendly products. RightCycle* is good for your business and good for the planet.

How RightCycle* really works

RightCycle* offers an innovative new way of efficiently recycling even hard-to-recycle items. We can turn nitrile gloves, single-use garments and a range of other products into eco-friendly consumer goods.

The RightCycle* Way explained

How to sign up for the RightCycle* Program:

1. Send an email to KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL™ with an expression of interest in the program

2. Our KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL™ contact person will get in touch with the documents needed to order collection boxes from your distributor

3. Place an order for the RightCycle* program with your garment or glove distributor

4. Collect non-hazardous garments and gloves in the RightCycle* boxes

5. Once the box is full, email to arrange pick-up and return shipment.

Committed to Sustainability

KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL’S commitment to sustainability throughout the entire product lifecycle

Interested in our RightCycle* Programme?

email or download RightCycle* Information Sheet