Our Sustainability Journey

At Kimberly-Clark Professional, our commitment to helping our company and our customers be more sustainable starts with the products we make. That’s why we continually work to reduce the environmental impacts of our products at all stages of their life cycle – from raw materials through ultimate disposal of used products. Learn more about our company’s way of ensuring sustainability is embedded in everything we do. Sustainability | Kimberly-Clark Professional (

We aim to reduce dependency on the world’s natural resources, leaving more for the future – for our children, for the planet, for our businesses. This is a big responsibility to carry, especially with the multitude of other tasks that require attention in today’s business environment. We share in that responsibility, and we want to help you reach your zero waste to landfill goals. That’s why we created The RightCycle™ Programme.

The RightCycle™ Program is a ground-breaking service that enables you to collect previously hard-to-recycle items, such as Kimberly-Clark Professional™ nitrile gloves and single-use apparel items, and have them turned into new consumer goods. Through this program, you can:

  • Reach your organisation’s sustainability goals
  • Divert waste from the landfill in support of zero waste to landfill initiatives
  • Give your used nitrile gloves and single-use apparel items a new life by aiding in the creation of new consumer goods like flower pots, patio furniture, and plastic shelving
  • Reduce your waste disposal costs
  • Protect the planet for future generations

Learn more about the programme and how we can support you in your sustainability journey: Sustainability RightCycle®: Kimtech (