About us

Making a Positive Impact

It’s not the equipment you use, the services you provide or the building you occupy that moves your business forward. It’s the hardworking people that make up your workforce. A division of Kimberly-Clark Corporation, Kimberly-Clark Professional™ is focused on providing B2B solutions that help you make a positive impact on the people that matter the most.

Kimberly-Clark Professional™ and the Kimtech™ Brand have been trusted partners to laboratories, cleanrooms and research facilities for more than 60 years. Because when you work in a challenging environment with no margin for error, you need solutions that protect people and processes from contamination risk. We are the company that serves science. We think about people, processes and products – in that order.

The Kimtech™ Brand ensures protection of scientists and the scientific process while enhancing efficiency and performance. We also help customers close the loop through the only manufacturer-led PPE recycling programme: RightCycle™ by Kimberly-Clark Professional (link). Now in its 11th year, the programme has reclaimed over 1,500 tons of waste that would otherwise have been landfilled.

What we offer

• Unmatched contamination control expertise – delivered by experienced consultants through our unique APEX consultative program (link).
• Continuous improvement in our supply chain to meet historic demands.
• Innovation for optimal performance. We have decades of experience providing contamination control solutions for cleanroom environments.  
• Sustainability Leadership – We’re a responsible partner in sustainability and we’re proud of our industry-leading performance in environmental impact.

When you choose Kimtech™ solutions, you’re choosing a partner who not only values your business and customers, but also the world we share. For the challenges you face and the standards you need to meet, there is no better choice than Kimtech™ products from Kimberly-Clark Professional™.