Companies in a wide range of scientific fields consistently explain that they would like to boost their sustainability, however few actually implement a cohesive plan for dealing with waste and recycling.


The RightCycle* programme, by KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL*, has been developed to address this need, and provide laboratories, manufacturing environments and cleanrooms with dedicated solutions to improve recycling and meet Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability goals. View our detailed guide on the RightCycle* programme here.  


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) can make up as much as 20% of your solid waste, and RightCycle* offers a sustainable means of disposing previously hard-to-recycle products such as cleanroom garments and gloves. We collect used KIMTECH* products and facilitate their recycling through our partner network. The waste is then turned into eco-friendly products for future use.  


RightCycle* forms just one part of our holistic approach to sustainability that covers product design and manufacturing, transport and logistics, and waste disposal. For more information on how RightCycle* could help improve your business, please contact us today