10 tips to prevent slip and fall injuries

The Personal Protective Equipment directive 89/656/EEC requires employers:

-            to identify and evaluate the risks,

-            inform the user of the risk involved and train them about the right use of the PPE,

-            to supply PPE that offers fit-for-purpose performance, appropriate size and comfort.


Here are our top tips to help reduce the risk of slip, trip and fall injuries in the working environment:

  1. Provide warning (caution) signs for wet floor areas
  2. Maintain drainage, provide dry standing places and waterproof footgear
  3. Select footwear and shoe covers for optimum traction on slippery surfaces
  4. Look for shoe covers with a range of sizes for a custom fit
  5. Keep aisles and passageways clear and in good repair
  6. Avoid loose cables by providing localized floor plugs for equipment
  7. Report and clean up spills immediately
  8. Eliminate clutter
  9. Promote safe work practices, even in cramped spaces
  10. Eliminate uneven floor surfaces


> Download our Slips & Trips infographic



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