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A global scientific partner

KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL* builds on over 135 years of innovation and manufacturing excellence with KIMTECH*, a dedicated brand for the scientific industry. We offer a wide range of high quality solutions that includes gloves, cleanroom apparel, sterile masks and sleeve covers ideally suited for the rigours of today’s scientific applications.

Creating exceptional workplaces

Our philosophy goes beyond simply manufacturing the best possible contaminant and chemical protective clothing products; we believe that scientific companies also require working environments that benefit people, processes and customers. To meet this challenge, we provide a range of programmes and services to help our valued clients achieve excellence safely, sustainably and cost-effectively.

The Exceptional Laboratories programme is designed to help working labs improve safety and performance in a sustainable manner.

The APEX programme enables labs to deliver change management by providing resources, structure and engagement solutions to maximise satisfaction.

The RightCycle* programme helps facilities to increase their sustainability by handling a range of previously hard-to-recycle products.

Contact us to find out more details about how these programmes can help your business today.

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